Campsite Rates

older than 18 years
12 to 18 years
younger than 12 years

N$ 200.00 per person per day

N$ 100.00 per person per day

N$  no charge

Delux B&B Cottage Rates (#6)



Per adult sharing

Per Single Person

Per child under 12 years

N$ 650.00 per adult per day

N$ 900.00 per single person per day

N$ 300.00 per day

Tented Chalet (B&B) Rates

Luxury tented chalet with magnificent view . . .

Chalet 1 (2x ¾ beds plus 2 camp beds)

Chalet 2 (4x ¾ beds plus 1 camp bed)

Per person
Per person

N$ 450.00 per person per day (camp beds N$ 150.00)

N$ 450.00 per person per day (camp beds N$ 150.00)


All bookings to be done via email (see contact us page) or by cell phone.  Important !  All bookings will be confirmed by us either via return email or cell phone.

If you did not book you are still welcome if a campsite or our B&B Cottage is available.


Booking Info:

Cell:        +27 (0)81 842 5465