Entrance Camping and Cactus Coffee

Campsite Lapa and swimming pool

Shaded Campsites

Daureb Isib B&B Cottage

Cactus & Coffee Tea Garden

Namib Desert Nursery

Welcome to our Daureb Isib website,

It is home to Daureb Isib Campsite, Cactus & Coffee Teagarden and Namib Desert Nursery.

We aim to provide relaxation, interest and information, tasty food and comfortable camping to the weary traveller arriving in Uis after a long and tiring road trip over rough dirt roads. Chill out next to the pool or relax under the shade of the lapa or teagarden where Wi-Fi is free and the service is excellent. Check TripAdvisor rating for Uis Cactus & Coffee teagarden.

An Uis sunset over the Brandberg is a “must” to be seen.

Namib Desert Nursery has probably the biggest variety of succulents in Namibia.

Beautifully displayed around the teagarden tables, it makes a very peaceful setting.

When planning your trip to Namibia consider spending some time in this interesting area that is not readily visible to the traveller but offers considerable variety of interesting points of interest. For example, did you know that when the South American continent separated from the African continent, millions of years ago, the split happened over the Brandberg!

Uis has a modern filling station, supermarket, restaurants, hardware store, B&B’s campsites, police station, clinic and tow-in service.